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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Kim Baptiste first began her career in the Print and Commercial Modeling Industry,


but soon became exposed to the world of acting back in 2006, when she worked as a stand-in for Paula Patton in Deja Vu starring Denzel Washington.

A moment she would never forget, it wouldn't be long before she began her journey as an actor.

Through years of studying the "Ivanna Chubbuck Technique" with Jerry Katz,

(The same technique utilized by stars like Gerard Butler, James Franco, Halle Berry, and even Brad Pitt)

She would slowly begin to learn how to truly embrace her role. 


But she didn't just stop there...

She continued her training, working with other coaches through workshops, online classes, and private sessions for years.

Dedicating herself to her acting career and slowly honing and developing the skills that would

soon form the solid foundation of the career she has today.

She went on to appear in various movies and TV shows and play a variety of characters.

Ranging from bold roles such as the Attorney and Army Lieutenant Angelica Hamilton in The Ultimate Legacy,And the lead role of Cathy in the short drama Touching Mary,

To roles in Comedies, Drama, and even Crime series.

Playing Dr. Anders in NCIS: New Orleans, Detective Lund in I Killed My BFF,

And even appeared in her 2nd Tyler Perry series!

Playing Mona Wilson in Zatima.

Learning to display a wide range of emotions to hit the nail on the head, and truly dive into any role she is given,


Kim Baptiste continues to grow as she lands role after role.


Kim Baptiste

Kim Baptiste
Kim Baptiste-Drama

Kim Baptiste-Drama

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Kim Baptiste-Comedy

Kim Baptiste-Comedy

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